Leading in the Age of Technology

Leadership Speaker in the Philippines
Leadership Speaker in the Philippines

To say that we had a fantastic one-day leadership event is uncomfortable coming from our end, but truth be told, we enjoyed the day with you.

Hello! I hope you’re doing great and fired up as you go back to your offices and position of leadership. In behalf of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers (PAPS), SMX Academix, all my companies and ALL my staff (I can hear you laughing), I thank you for investing your time and resources with us.

It’s not everyday that we stage such kind of event and we’re happy to have been given an opportunity to make it happen through collaboration.

And I’m writing to give you a recap of my speech, speech if you can call it that. It was comedy but it was a speech. Or is it? With so many insights given, I hope this helps you recall my presentation. And because this is an email, I can comfortably write in English. Hello, Richard Gamlin, Sir! 😀 We all sacrificed for you. One-night accommodation is fine! 😀


As you lead in the age of technology, leaders always choose to what to let go and what to catch. Letting go of everything is bad. But so is catching everything. be clear about what really matters to you and catch it. Let go of the rest.

(Hold on, I’m opening my presentation as I also forgot what to say next!) Hahaha.

Then, I introduced a new saying, “It takes an organization to raise a leader.” You can’t lead on your own. You must be open for collaboration. You must be willing to let go of your position and start the process of collaboration. You owe your leadership success to the people you surround yourself with. (I didn’t say these things in my speech but now I did).

Remember the wonders of the world I showed you? Yes, all were man-made (as per Richard Gamlin, GM of Taal Vista) but also these were made by slaves to satisfy their present need while people were dying here and there.

Our ancestors, the Filipino ancestors to be more specific, had another idea of building a wonder of the world in Ifugao Rice Terraces. More than 2,000 years ago, we converted a mountain to rice fields. The same wonder of the world were made by freemen to serve not only their present need but also the need of the generation next to them while people were enjoying life here and there.

The idea of collaborative leadership is in our DNA. While you don’t get to choose your followers, you can choose whether to make them your subordinates or collaborators.

In today’s age of technology, don’t make a machine out of people. Give them the tools but also give them the luxury of critical thinking (I didn’t mention last Wednesday). More than the technology, inspire them to have a critical mindset, always challenge the now so you better position yourself in the future (didn’t say as well).

In other words, don’t technologize people. Instead, humanize technology. Relax the process to get more results. Relax the system to bring out the creativity out of people. Bend the rules so suggestions may flow freely. Empathy is the only way you can activate us, the millennials. When we feel that you feel for us, you will know we are not a lazy generation.

You think we are entitled? Yes we are. But it’s not our fault to be born in an age when knowledge is accessible in a touch of a screen. We can serve you more if you trust us and let us do what we can. Don’t think twice if we will deliver because we will. Well, not always, but we will. (Not in my talk).

What else? Oh, the Skybell story! Technology doesn’t intend to make you stop thinking, automate your life as a leader, and expect to live happily ever after. Technology only executes what you ask of it.

The brain loves stories while technology loves data. Don’t lead with data, lead with stories. Brain is limitless, technology is limited as the brain has reasonable logic while technology has programmed logic.

Leading people isn’t digital 1 and 0, on and off, black and white. Your leadership happens in the gray area when you can affect the lives of the people you lead. It is in the gray area that requires your leadership, when people are confused, down, disoriented, and uninspired. (Not in the speech)

Don’t be so attached with the technology because they have a shorter life span than you think. Your seven-million-year-old brain will always outthink any present or future technology.

In the workplace, personal is the new professional. The more you accept diversity, the better off your leadership will be. People in the workplace are tied more to their phones than to their desks. Don’t compel people to stay in one place (unless they are security guards!). Use technology but don’t be a slave to it.

Finally, don’t worry if you have the technology at your disposal. Worry that you have it and you’re enslaved by it and you’re not even aware.

What is modern isn’t always human. In the end, it’s the people, it’s the people, it’s the people.

Choose collaboration, humanize technology, use the brain consistently with tools for productivity, and remember that modern is not always human.

(Round of applause, everyone!)

There you go! Need to do something else. I hope this helps. Only those who gave me their business cards can receive this so please FORWARD to your friends who came with you.

And to those who’d like to buy my books, please let me know.

PS. And whatever I can do for you and your organization, I will be here to listen and collaborate with you.

In behalf of PAPS (and our partner SMXAcademix), thank you for laughing with me!

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