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The Many Faces of Productivity by Lloyd Luna. Scroll Publishing, 2018.
The Many Faces of Productivity by Lloyd Luna. Scroll Publishing, 2018.

Featured Speakers on The Many Faces of Productivity

Matthias Gelber

Voted as “The Greenest Man on Earth in 2008” in a Canadian poll, Matthias is a world-renowned green activist from Germany who decided to make the Philippines his home after a 1999 German-government sponsored speaking engagement in Los Baños, Laguna. He was the seminar-workshop resource speaker on environmental management systems for the staff of the Development Bank of the Philippines. The author of The Greenman’s Guide to Green Living and Working, his core message as environmental conservation advocates is this: “We’d be running into disaster if we don’t change the way we live, if we don’t change the way we consume, if we don’t change the way what we do with all the ways that we are generating… We have to go back to the natural balance with nature.”

Jesse Francis Rebustillo

An HR man through and through, Jesse has had very extensive exposure in human resource management and now calls himself a “Happy Retiree.” Even in retirement though, he remains a much sought-after human resources and training consultant and a highly engaging edutainment speaker on values, leadership, EQ, work-life integration, and team alignment. He was the president in 2011 of the Philippine Society for Training and Development (PSTD), the president in 2016 of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), and is currently the chief financial officer of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers (PAPS). A diligent special minister of the Holy Communion at Our Lady of Remedies Parish in Manila, Jesse plays the piano, enjoys gardening, and breeds—hold your breath—42 dogs.

Serely Geraldine Alcaraz

Serely Alcaraz is an international master trainer and executive coach who has developed over 100,000 leaders from some of the world’s best organizations. An advocate of lifelong learning, she is very passionate about intrapreneurship and engagement, creativity and innovation, and coaching and mentoring. Strongly committed to making those she mentors to “learn from the best to be the best,” Serely is currently the country head of ITD World Philippines and is a certified facilitator of the John Maxwell and Jack Canfield leadership programs as well as of courses offered by Development Dimensions International and Dale Carnegie Training. She was the 2006 president of the Philippine Society for Training and Development and the 2015-2016 President of ARTDO International, an umbrella body of HR management specialists from over 30 countries.

Barbie Atienza

Barbie is a multifaceted, multitalented personality who has made an indelible mark in the fields of human resources management (he has a diplomate in People Management), public relations, broadcast and print media, and public speaking in the Philippines and abroad. A top HR executive and consultant for several multinational and local companies, he is currently the head of external affairs and human resources for the Manila Bulletin. He is a former president of the People Management Association of the Philippines and vice president of the Public Relations Society of the Philippines and is currently president of the United Print Media Group. Barbie is an accomplished speaker on leadership, management, communication, and personal development and is does emceeing globally in his lines of expertise.

Toni Miranda

Toni Miranda is a world-certified image consultant, executive coach and speaker, with over 20 years of experience in the corporate and retail industry. The founder of the Makati City-based Radiance Image Consultancy and Training, Inc., Toni has certifications from the prestigious London Image Institute, the Singapore-based Academy of Image Mastery, and the Illustra Business School in Georgia, U.S.A. She brings with her a wealth of training and development experience for professionals and organizations in the fields of financial management, leadership, marketing, and entrepreneurship. A holder of a Bachelor’s in Commerce degree from the De La Salle University, major in management of financial institution, Toni is a joyful wife and mother of two grown children with whom she has a very open and healthy relationship.

Gabriel “Billy” Dominguez

A communication arts graduate of the University of Santo Tomas, Billy Dominguez started his career in government service as a public relations assistant at the Home Development Mutual Fund, where he rose through the ranks to become the agency’s public affairs department manager. Looking for a more challenging and lucrative endeavor, he later took a selling job in a real estate company. There, he discovered that real-estate selling can be a good, rewarding form of entrepreneurship. From then on, Billy pursued the discipline that he calls “salespreneurship,” an engagement thatinspired him to put up his own company, Green Circle Realty. From its small group of 12 salespeople in 2006, Billy has produced a remarkable number of top-earning salespreneurs, making his company the No. 1 sales network of the Pro-friends’ Lancaster New City project in Cavite.

Marvin Salazar

Well-known as “TechEvangelist” in the information technology (IT) outsourcing industry, he is the owner of MSWEB Co., a pioneering web hosting company in the Philippines. He is a data privacy and data security expert whose clientele includes both national and multi-national companies. His success story can be traced back to Tondo, Manila, where his family lived literally on the street gutter in a house built on scraps. With his rise from poverty to become a successful IT consultant, he’s now paying back as a pastor with a strong devotion to doing outreach programs for the needy. He believes that to succeed in any professional line fo work today, people should get themselves not only more competent but more responsible in using the social media as a primary business and communication tool.

Rene Espinosa

A leading authority on sales training, Rene has been featured in sales learning sessions both in the Philippines and abroad, helping people increase their sales by strengthening their portfolio of knowledge and skills on persuasion and negotiation. As an avid exponent of continung self-improvement, he relentlessly keeps adding value not only to his clients but also to himself, his credo being that your next performance must always be an improvement of the previous one. Rene is the President of Powermax Consulting Group, Inc., a company that produces events and speaking engagements for book authors. To further enhance the learning of seminar participants, Rene offers a treasure trove of learning tools like eBooks, books, audiobooks, and videos, some of which are not available in local bookstores. He is concurrently the President of Advertising and Gaming Fabrication, Inc. (AGFI).

Al Ian Barcelona

Ian is fondly called “Mr. Awesome” in Philippine business circles for his spellbinding speeches and training sessions that he himself calls “entertrainment” or “edutainment.” He has an A.B. in Political Science and a Master’s in Southeast Asian Studies from the Centro Escolar University. A former staff in the House of Representatives and a former technical assistant in the Office of the President of the Philippines, he went on his own over 10 years ago. He runs his own AIB Training, Communications, and Events and in In 2018, he put up the network marketing company WAVE and named himself its Chief Activation Officer. Ian firmly believes that passion shouldn’t only be a mere tool for pursuing your personal interests but nurtured as the driving force in pursuing and achieving your vision for yourself.

Mafae Belasco

Mafae Belasco is a mother of five, a wife, a model and beauty queen, a pageant expert, and an entrepreneur. At 18 and living in Australia with her immigrant parents, she started competing in beauty pageants, winning one major title after another until she took the crown in the Miss Philippines-Australia pageant in 1998. She then decided to return to her homeland the Philippines, sacrificing everything she had built in Australia, to compete in the annual Binibining Pilipinas competitions where she won the Miss Philippines-World title. This made her the country’s entry to the Miss World 2003 pageant where she placed among the top 5. Mafae lives by this equation as her personal motto: “Time + Productivity = Success.” She firmly believes that people succeed when they are capable of making sacrifices, have passion and are fans of reinvention, and don’t hesitate to reinvent themselves when need be.

Editha Magtibay-Garde

Editha Magtibay Garde is a speechwriter, biographer, resource speaker, and trainer in the field of effective communications. She earned a Bachelor of Philosophy degree from the St. Louis University in Baguio City and a Master’s Degree in Linguistic Education from De La Salle University Manila. She has taught at the General Staff College in Fort Bonifacio and the Joint Command and Staff College in Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City. Edith is a firm believer in the power of dreams and the need for passion to achieve productivity. But aside from making yourself more knowledgeable, she cautions, you also need to work on your character and your values because if you don’t have the right values and the moral compass, you won’t ever get a reputation for credibility.

Richard Thaddeus Carvajal

Richard is a young businessman made his first million from real-estate selling at the young age of 23. Currently the president and CEO of PHILGEMS Realty Corp., he is a much sought-after motivational speaker on financial planning and financial freedom. He won an Outstanding Filipino Achiever Award in the field of business and finance in 2017 as the author of the best-selling book The Millennionaire: Becoming the Next Millennial Millionaire. With his strong millennial mindset that takes assuming responsibility and producing results very seriously, Richard writes an opinion column for the newspaper Business Mirror and contributes feature stories to MoneyWise magazine on how to earn lots of money and how not to spend it unwisely.

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