MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT made this between LLOYD A. LUNA (hereinafter referred to as the "Speaker") whose address is located at 1745 Dian St. Palanan Village Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines and represented by (hereinafter referred to as "Client") whose address is located at

    WHEREAS, the Client desires to engage the services of the Speaker on the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth, and;

    WHEREAS, the Speaker is ready and willing to accept this engagement of service with the Client on the said terms and conditions

    WHEREAS, the Speaker agrees to provide the service on in for a total payment amounting to net of applicable taxes.

    NOW, THEREFORE, the parties hereto agree as follows:

    I. The CLIENT shall provide the SPEAKER with the following:

    For virtual meetings:

    (a) Virtual venue of presentation or meeting link (i.e. Zoom)
    (b) Event poster with the speaker's official photo and name
    (c) Recording of the final output of the speech
    (d) e-Certificate

    For face-to-face meetings:

    (a) Venue of the presentation
    (b) LCD/LED Projector and 3.5mm Audio jack cable
    (c) Wireless microphone
    (d) Table/Booth with chair for merchandise (i.e. books) display
    (e) Onsite dedicated assistant/staff
    (f) Meals for the speaker and his/her party
    (g) Air, sea, and/or land transportation (or) travel allowance for the speaker and his/her party i.e. gas, toll, and other expenses
    (h) Hotel accommodation and actual consumption in the hotel for the speaker and his/her party
    (i) Travel insurance for the speaker
    (j) Parking space or parking fee including P300/day in airport parking
    (k) Plaque of appreciation
    (l) 100% contract price paid to permanently book the speaker at least 15 days prior to the event
    (m) Written or video-graphed client testimonial from the head of the company or team or his/her authorized representative
 (The one giving the testimonials agree to publish the same.)

    II. If the SPEAKER cancels the engagement or is unable to perform its obligations under this CONTRACT for reasons not attributable to the CLIENT, and provided that the reasons for the cancellation are not considered fortuitous events or acts of God, the SPEAKER will offer to the CLIENT an alternative Speaker with the same talent and expertise instead of a refund.

    III. That in case the engagement is canceled by reasons or as a consequence of fortuitous events or acts of God, or other acts though unforeseen, and cannot be reasonably prepared for by the parties, both parties shall agree to a renewed date that shall in no case be more than thirty (30) days from the date of original engagement. The parties shall exercise the utmost diligence and good faith in fixing the date of the engagement with due regards to the schedule of the SPEAKER/S and the purpose of the CLIENT in holding the engagement.

    IV. In the event that the CLIENT cancels this agreement or the client finds the SPEAKER’S presentation style/content/performance unfit, the SPEAKER reserves the right to keep whatever payments were made by the CLIENT.

    V. The CLIENT shall have the right to use the name, photographs and biographical materials of the SPEAKER for advertising and promotional purposes for the duration of the show BUT ONLY after the required PAYMENT is made.

    VI. That NO PORTION of the presentation of the SPEAKER may be RECORDED, FILMED, VIDEOTAPED OR REPRODUCED in any form, whatsoever unless prior written approval from the Speaker's manager is first obtained. The CLIENT may record the event but not allowed for broadcast. The CLIENT understands that the SPEAKER's commitment is to the event and not to the sponsors. Sponsor commitment by the CLIENT with respect to the SPEAKER must be cleared first with Speaker's manager. Sponsors may be acknowledged by the SPEAKER during the show upon clearance by Speaker's manager. This applies only of face-to-face meetings.

    VII. ALTERNATE SPEAKER — Should a CLIENT avail of a negotiated rate, which is below the full asking price of the SPEAKER, and another party has expressed interest to invite the SPEAKER and pay at full price as indicated on the professional speaking rate card, the CLIENT agrees to allow the SPEAKER to send an alternate speaker who is speaking on the same topic without any change on the agreed contract price.

    VIII. CONSIDERATION — As full consideration for the services performed by the Speaker under the terms of this agreement, and subject to the provisions stated in the Terms and Conditions, the Client shall pay the Speaker the total amount, net of applicable taxes as stated above.

    IX. NON-WAIVER – The failure to either party to insist upon strict performance on any of the terms and conditions hereof shall not be deemed as a waiver of any right or remedy that either party may have. In case of minor violations to the provisions of this contract by either party, earnest efforts shall be to settle the dispute amicably. If after due to notice to the party at fault, he fails to remedy a substantial breach committed, then the aggrieved party may enforce its right in this contract.

    X. AMENDMENTS – Both parties agree that no changes and/or amendments to this agreement shall take effect unless such amendments are in writing and signed herein signatories;

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands this in Makati City.