Productivity is a result of strategic and emphatic leadership. A productive leader naturally produces productive followers. Productivity inspires and energizes the organization. It pushes everyone to do a little bit more to achieve a common goal.

But what does it mean to be a productive leader?


(If we don’t change the way we lead, people will not change the way they follow)

A. Leadership

I. Leadership is more about mission than it is about position.
II. What is your reason for leading?
III. Times have changed. People have changed. Things have changed. Have you?
IV. The enemy of success isn’t failure. It’s comfort.
V. The color of authentic dreams doesn’t fade away. Leaders dream for their people.

B. Leadership Success Principles

I. Leader’s heart is more important from leader’s logic.
II. Leadership knows no season. Leaders lead on summer as they do on rainy season.
III. It’s not your size in the game. It’s the size of the game in you.
IV. Leadership success isn’t something you ask for. It’s something you prepare for.
V. Your past successes don’t guarantee present successes.

C. Experience Productivity

I. You don’t become what you think you might be. You become what you work out to be.
II. Your dream as a leader will find its way when your heart is set to achieve it.
III. People move because leaders do. The world is run by those who do.
IV. Speed kills.

D. Motivation Quotient of a Productive Leader

I. You have the power to write your own leadership story.
II. If you want to get something, stand up, leave the crowd, pay the price, get it.
III. A productive leader turns problems into challenges. Problems are avoided. Challenges are faced.

E. The Promise for Productive Leaders

I. The problem isn’t the resources. The problem is resourcefulness.
II. The future depends on what you to yourself than what the world does to you.
III. The future belongs not to those live in comfort but to those who are bothered by it.