He is the first and only Filipino to represent the Philippines in a global speakers summit. He is the founder and CEO of Stepback, a culture transformation company that helps leaders and organizations see the bigger picture in life and at work. He has been an Asian motivational leadership speaker for 14 years, delivering an average of 120 inspirational speeches annually. He has authored 16 books and is a radio and television talk-show host, songwriter, publisher, and serial entrepreneur.

    The youngest board member of the Global Speakers Federation, which has 15 member-countries worldwide including the Philippines, Lloyd is the founder and president of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers.

    Top Filipino Leadership Speaker Philippines
    Lloyd Luna is CEO of Stepback, a leadership development and culture transformation company.

    As author and originator of Stepback Leadership—the lost art of Filipino leadership— Lloyd teaches the practice of putting people at the center of leadership. Using his in-depth study of the building of the 2,000-year-old Ifugao Rice Terraces, which has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lloyd believes that great leaders are shaped and defined by three crucial steps they make for their people: (1) stepping in to inspire, teach, and equip them; (2) stepping back to permit, evaluate, and mentor them; and (3) stepping up to explore, strategize, and innovate with them. He argues that these three steps are founded mainly on trust, collaboration, and humanity. Lloyd is the president of LLOYDLUNA Communications, the parent company of Stepback, Umbrella Speakers, Scroll Publishing, Skybell Clothing, and Peaches Music. He is the founder of the Registered Speaking Professional Institute of the Philippines, a certifying body that gives RSP designation to qualified professional speakers in the country.

    Lloyd has been a resource speaker in over 1,000 conventions, conferences, and seminars has appeared in over 200 media interviews and has spoken on leadership to personnel of several major global companies worldwide, to key managers and staff of Philippine government agencies, and to students and faculty of various Philippine universities and colleges.

    For his work as motivational speaker, Lloyd has been conferred scores of awards over the years, among them the Collegiate Ambassador for Peace award in South Korea, remarkable alumnus of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and the 2010 SM Supermarket Brand Ambassador award. At age 31, he was nominated for the 2013 Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines award. In 2018, he was also nominated by Go Negosyo for the ASEAN Business Awards.


    Ian is the Managing Director and Chief Awesome Officer of AIB Training Company. For a decade, his firm has conducted high-impact training, seminars and team buildings among top companies such as Puregold, Sysmex International, Paramount Life Insurance, Shell, Camella-Vistaland, Goodfellow Pharma, Pilipinas Hino, Philippine National Bank, Western Union, Reed Elsevier Philippines. He has also engaged with professional-reputable organizations which include the Philippine Association of Administrative Officers and Secretaries (PAS), Philippine Association of Medical Technologist (PAMET), League of Nurses & Nutritionists, Philippine NGO Support (PHANSUP), Philippine Insurance Agents Assoc. (PIFAAP), Rotary Clubs, Philippine Jaycees and the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA). AIB also conducts training to government agencies and institutions such as the Philippine Trade Training Center (DTI-PTTC), Department of Health, Philippine Army, Philippine Air Force, Department of Justice, Philhealth, DILG, and was a former consultant to the Department of Education. Through the years his team has helped develop youth and academic leaders, professionals, managers, and leaders on a nationwide scale.

    Top Filipino Leadership Speaker Philippines
    Al Ian Barcelona of AIB Training Events and Communications

    He is also a partner speaker-consultant to training companies such as Breakthrough Leadership Management Consulting Company (the mother company of Salt and Light Ventures), Arete Consultancy, Ariva Academy and International Learning Styles Network. An effective motivational-inspirational speaker, addressing huge to small group audiences through conferences and public seminars annually. With his contagious energy and high-impact presentations, the audience would normally laud him for his unique style of delivery that is sure to mesmerize your feelings through his hilarious antics yet will disturb your thinking with his power-packed principles in the most AWESOME WAY! An educator by heart he has been adjudged as the former most outstanding college instructor of social-political sciences in Centro Escolar University where he took up AB Political Science and Master’s Degree in Southeast Asian Studies. His experience in public-community service and organizing skills led him to work in Congress as the former National Youth Director of CIBAC party-list and was later recruited in Malacanang as Technical Assistant-Presidential Staff Officer VI for Youth Affairs. A social thinker and opinion-maker expressing his analysis on current issues through the media as former host and co-producer of the TV show “PERSPECTIVES” with former Marikina Mayor Marides C. Fernando broadcasting on Global News Network (GNN) from 2009-2013.


    Jesse has extensive exposure in the field of Human Resource Management.

    He earned his MBA degree at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business (sans thesis) and BSBA Management course, magna cum laude, from the Aquinas University, Legazpi City. He has a Diploma in Human Resource Development, Compensation Management, Labor Relations, and HR Planning and Acquisition from the Jose Rizal University.

    He is a Management and Human Resource Consultant, Training Consultant, Seminar Facilitator and Speaker as he conducts programs on values, leadership, emotional intelligence, work life integration, team alignment, career development, job hunting as well as sales and customer service.

    Best Filipino Leadership Speaker Philippines
    Jesse Rebustillo is the 2019-2020 President of Philippine Association of Professional Speakers.

    Jesse was the Corporate Human Resources Head of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He shifted career to become the Inquirer’s AVP for Sales – Classified Advertising and then was promoted as AVP for Industry Relations. Jesse was the Editor of the Inquirer’s Working People Section and the Chairman / Editor of ECOP’s Philippine Employer Magazine.

    He was the 2011 President of the Philippine Society for Training and Development (PSTD) and the 2016, President of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), currently the CFO of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers (PAPS), and a member of the Board of Trustee of the Philippine Council of Associations and Association Executives (PCAAE).

    He is now a happy retiree.

    Currently, he is a Training and HR Consultant of the International Labor Organization (ILO), ECOP and PMAP and teaches HRM subjects at the Masters in People Management, Lyceum Graduate School and San Beda, Alabang. He was recently bestowed Fellow in People Management by the Philippine Society of Fellows in People Management.

    Despite his hectic schedule, Jesse devotes his time as a diligent Special Minister of the Holy Communion at Our Lady of Remedies Parish in Malate, Manila. He is a music lover and knows how to play the piano enjoys bonsai, gardening and baking and to fill up some empty spaces in his appointment book, breeds forty-two dogs and a father to two adopted boys.

  4. PMAJ Jackson Lopez, DHum, CPS® PSF® 

     PMAJ JACKSON MALANA LOPEZ, DHum, a Certified Public Speaker in Asian School of Speaking Arts and a Public Speaking Fellow in Lloyd Luna School of Keynote Speaking at the Public Speaking Institute, is a decorated law enforcement officer in the Philippine National Police. He is an expert on leadership and transformation.

    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Jackson Lopez
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Jackson Lopez, Dhum, CPS®, PSF®

    For almost 20 years, he serves and protects the community by performing the basic functions of the PNP such visibility patrol, checkpoint operations, community engagements, crime prevention and solution through proper investigation and arrest of law violators, search, rescue and retrieval, and other police functions. His vision to further deepen his sense of patriotism and nationalism was evident when he engages himself in various national and international cause-oriented and socio-civic organizations. He believes that his vision will be achieved with the help of others who have the same heart as his. As a leader, he is an officer in the Global Academy for Human Excellence, a member of National Humanity Global Peace Federation, a member of the Global Men of Service and Honor Council, Deputy Commander of the World Anti-Narcotics Council, member of United Nations Economic Supreme Council, Vice President of Lions Club International, member of Eagles Club, and member of Philippine Association of Professional Speakers. His accomplishments extend beyond his professional achievements in the PNP when he was awarded with numerous medals, plaques, and recognition by the different organizations. He is a recipient of the World’s Best Humanitarian Award, World Peace Excellence Award, Medal of Excellence Award, Social Service Excellence Award and Outstanding Public Servant and Humanitarian Advocate Award. In 2019, his dream of rebuilding our country to have a better future was partly realized when he became one of the advocates of National Transformation in the PNP. He started a movement, which envisions transforming police officers into God-centered, family and people-loving, and service-oriented individuals through life coaching and mentoring. Relentless to serve humanity and determined to accomplish his mission, he believes that engagement, inspiration, and enlightenment as key to positive transformation can be achieved using the power of spoken word through public speaking and training. His advocacy of transformation doesn’t only cover the PNP but also other sectors of the society especially youth and educators who are truly instrumental in building the future of the nation. In 2022, before the Public Speaking Institute conferred on him the Public Speaking Fellow designation, the “Transformation Cop” developed his Owntalk® on how people can transform their lives through his relatable stories and compelling inspirational messages. He believes that transformation is constant and that people must be #HappyGoChange.

  5. Coy Santiago, CPS®, PSF®

    Coy Santiago is a woman whose credentials speak as loudly as her impactful words. As a Certified Public Speaker at Public Speaking Institute Asian School of Speaking Arts and a Public Speaking Fellow at Lloyd Luna School of Keynote Speaking, Coy is not just another voice in the crowd; she’s a clarion call for change. Her membership in the Philippine Association of Public Speakers further cements her status as a leader in the field.

    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Coy Santiago
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Coy Santiago

    Aside from being a public speaker, she’s also a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP), a globally recognized title awarded by the Institute of Human Resource of the International Federation of Professional Managers based in the UK. This isn’t just a certification; it’s an international seal of approval that guarantees Coy’s adherence to the highest professional and ethical standards in HR.

  6. Bonn Burgos, CPS® PSF® CRE® 

     Bonn Burgos is a Certified Public Speaker and Public Speaking Fellow at the Public Speaking Institute. He founded Growth Wing Consultancy to train people and businesses to be their best. His methods are proven, practical, and tailored for real-world success.

    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Bonn Burgos
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Bonn Burgos, CPS®, PSF®, CRE®

    With over 20 years in sales, Bonn knows the field inside and out. He started selling books door-to-door, then moved to insurance, and now excels in real estate. His broad experience makes him a go-to mentor for sales teams aiming for higher targets. Leadership is another strong suit for Bonn. He’s been both a manager and a director, roles that took him to international markets. When the 2007 Asian Financial Crisis hit, he switched to real estate and led his team to global success. His moves show he knows how to adapt and win, even in tough times. Public speaking has been Bonn’s passion since 1997. He joined a servanthood institution with a clear goal: to serve his community better. In 2022, this commitment led him to become a Certified Public Speaker. Beyond sales, Bonn’s passion for public speaking has been evident since 1997. Rooted in his desire to serve, he has always aimed to empower and inspire. This passion culminated in 2022 when the Public Speaking Institute recognized his prowess and conferred upon him the esteemed Public Speaking Fellow designation. His Owntalk® on the values that enable individuals and organizations to #BeBetter – Patience, Persistence, and Resilience – has resonated with many. In 2023, Bonn took on a pivotal role that combined his sales expertise and passion for teaching. As the Program Director at the prestigious Real Estate Institute School of Realty Business, he introduced the groundbreaking “Shell Entrepreneurship Model.” This framework, born from his 16 years in the industry, encapsulates not just his sales techniques but also his interpersonal and leadership skills. He’s a speaker who combines real-world expertise with actionable insights. His life story offers a practical guide for anyone wanting to improve in both their personal and professional lives. With Bonn, you get more than a speaker; you get a proven leader and a practical mentor.


    Anabe “Anne” Jacalan is a Certified Public Speaker and Public Speaking Fellow at the Public Speaking Institute. She specializes in speaking on leadership, entrepreneurship, and self-development. Anne is also the founder of Prints and Dots Event Management, a company that focuses on event planning, styling, coordination, and hosting.

    What his clientBefore the Public Speaking Institute gave her the Public Speaking Fellow title in 2022, she created her Owntalk® to help people find and develop their hidden talents. She strongly believes that in every person’s life story, there will always be a villain, a believer, and a personal desire, all of which contribute to #DefineYourPassion.

    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Anabe Anne Jacalan
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Anabe Anne Jacalan

    Her previous role as a training officer and facilitator in the pre-need and financial industries in 2004 allowed her to tap into her desire to teach, share, and develop sales professionals nationwide. Through this experience, she discovered her talent for influencing people through spoken words and trained leaders in various direct-selling companies in the areas of sales and motivation. In 2023, she became a Director at the Real Estate Institute of Asia – School of Realty Business—the first of its kind in the country to use multiple original frameworks for teaching real estate entrepreneurship. The institute started offering the Certified Realty Entrepreneur CRE® Certification Program.